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US docuseries pitching cattle as “climate solution”

PUBLISHED 12 July 2023
Source: Beef Central

A NEW docuseries called “Roots So Deep (you can see the devil down there)” is being released in United States looking at grazing practices that store carbon in soil.

Prof Peter Byck from Arizona State University has been drumming up publicity on the four part series about grazing practices he says were invented by “the best land manager on earth – the bison.”

Over the years, Prof Byck has developed a following in the US with previous documentaries called “carbon cowboys” and “carbon nation”.

Professor Byck has been saying that when he made “carbon nation” he held the belief that meat was bad for the planet before visiting a series of farms and gaining a better understanding.

The films follow research projects heads up, with the results of the latest film still passing through the pier review process.

A lot of his research is into what he calls AMP grazing (adaptive multi-paddock grazing), which is similar to many other “regenerative” type practices that are based on spelling paddocks for a long time. It involves the use of temporary electric fences and adjusting the size of different paddocks to adapt to conditions.

“I’m here helping to lead a big old research project about farmers and scientists who are figuring out if the way these cows are being grazed can help solve climate change,” he says in the recently released trailer.

“I’m always looking for common ground and what I have realised is that common ground is actually in the ground.”