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New “Roots So Deep” Documentary Delivers Big for Bobwhite Quail

PUBLISHED 12 July 2023
Source: Bob St.Pierre | Pheasants Forever

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by PF & QF’s Director of Sustainability Brent Rudolph for a conversation with Peter Byck, a filmmaker and professor at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability.

The discussion focuses upon Byck’s new four-part documentary, “Roots So Deep (You Can See the Devil Down There).” The film’s trailer articulates its premise as “a big ole research project about farmers and scientists who are figuring out if the way cattle are being grazed can actually help solve climate change. In the process of looking for common ground between farming and science, the common ground is the dirt right beneath their feet.”

SPOILER ALERT: Bobwhite quail play a surprising starring role throughout the documentary.

Episode Highlights:

The film chronicles ten neighbors in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky who are managing their cattle operations through two distinctly different methods of grazing over a ten-year period. A team of scientists measure the differences these two grazing methods have on soil, water, insects, birds, biodiversity, climate resiliency, and carbon sequestration.
Two members of the famous country music band, Alabama, participate in the documentary as cattle ranchers and bobwhite quail lovers.