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A Farming Transition

PUBLISHED 29 June 2024
Source: Helen Fisher | ‘We Are Carbon’

In Conversation With: Peter Byck

Join me for a conversation with Peter Byck exploring the incredible opportunity that land offers to us as a tool for re-balancing the climate.
Peter is the director of the four part documentary series Roots So Deep (You Can See The Devil Down There)

There’s a huge contrast that we often talk about on this show; how regenerative farming can tip all the detriments of conventional practises on their head and actually turn agriculture into one of the biggest healing tools for the planet.

And this is why I’m so incredibly excited about the work that Peter has been part of.
He’s been working with a team of pioneering scientists who have conducted research to compare the outcomes of regenerative cattle grazing directly with their conventional farming neighbours.

It’s an extensive, multi-discipline project bringing a whole systems look and putting data behind the claims.

And the results are in!